April 5, 2020

Month: April 2020

Tips on How to Manage Broadband Data Plans While Watching Movies Online

While our goal at this website is to encourage people to give streaming services a try and experience their benefits, we would be doing you a serious disservice if we didn’t regularly sound the trumpet about managing your data plans.  Most wireline internet providers (DSL and cable), as well as mobile data plans, have limits on how much data you can consume within one month.  Lots of people find this out the hard way when they discover streaming, and end up with some type of penalty.

For example, I have a Tshirt printing business and make my project using t-shirt printing machine, and I also have five children, and 2 of them are teenagers.  So – we have a decent amount of music and movie streaming going on in our household, and yours truly works on her computer a good 8 hours a day.  We have AT&T’s DSL service, and we haven’t gone over our cap yet.  It’s conceivable that we may during certain seasons (e.g. winter, when the kids are less active).  AT&T will charge us $10 for each 50 GB we consume.  So even for our large family, these caps are doable.