Fri. Feb 21st, 2020

How to Add Movies to Your Netflix Queue via the Wii

If you have a Nintendo Wii and a Netflix subscription, did you know you can watch streaming content through your video game console? The best part about it is that is free with your subscription. When Netflix first started offering this service, you had to request a Netflix disc that activated the streaming service when inserted into the Wii console. However, Netflix has developed its own channel in the Wii Virtual Store which allows you to download it for free, connect it with your Netflix subscription and begin watching programs within a few minutes of setting it up.

Once you have downloaded the channel onto your Wii, you can actually add movies, TV shows and more to your instant queue. While it is much easier to manage your instant queue online through, you can do it a bit more tediously through the Nintendo Wii if you do not want to turn on your computer. When you open the Netflix channel on the Wii, you are instantly brought to your queue. From here, you can select a program and begin to play it or remove it from your queue. You can click upon the Wii remote to begin searching through categories for more programs to watch and add to your queue.

The Netflix channel on the Wii is a bit slow, and it can take some time to go through the functions. If you are trying to add a lot of programs or want to filter through your queue, doing so online is the quickest and most effective way to manage it. You can use both to manage your queue, but relying solely on the Wii to manage your queue will drive you nuts and be more time consuming than it is worth. Managing your Netflix queue can be a challenge for those with a lot on it, take advantage of all your options to go through your queue and keep it in line.

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