November 24, 2019

iTunes Store & Apple TV Review – Pros & Cons

iTunes Review

With iTunes Store, you immediately have access to Top movie rentals on iTunes including unlimited rental or purchase of their on-demand library, which includes television programming, blockbuster movies, music and more. The iTunes player is free for download at their official. Then use the convenient iCloud service to store all of your purchases in the clouds for easy download from any of your supported devices.

On to Apple TV! This little media player works with your HD TV to stream content through the iTunes Store, Netflix, Live sports, news and content from the internet like YouTube and Vimeo. And you can pause, fast-forward or rewind your movies or television shows.

Apple TV also includes Photo Stream, where your stored photos can be updated immediately.

Fans know that these products are very user-friendly, which is one of it’s biggest pluses. Setup is simple – just plug in the power cord, connect the stream player to your TV with an HDMI cable, and enjoy.


  • Rent or purchase titles through iTunes Store, 30 days to start watching, unlimited viewing in 24 hours
  • iCloud apps work with Apple TV to store your purchases in the cloud
  • Supports Netflix, live news & sports
  • Streams music, photos & videos from your mobile device with AirPlay
  • Photostream makes uploading your photos to iCloud and then download them for easy sharing to any of your supported devices
  • Access YouTube, Vimeo  Flickr
  • User-friendly interface
  • Excellent parental controls are offered for easy definition and multiple layers of protection


  •  Will not work with older TV sets – must be HD TV set
  • Missing Hulu Plus & Pandora apps
  • HDMI cable not provided

iTunes Store and Apple TV At-a-Glance

  • inclusive, one-stop entertainment shop – music, television, movies, books & more
  • iTunes Player for your PC organizes and supports movies, music, TV shows on your MAC or PC; rent or purchase through the iTunes store
  • Add anything you download to your iPhone, iPad, iPod, or Apple TV
  • Apple TV ($99) – a Streaming device that supports commercial-free television offerings, major motion picture films, news, sports & music on your widescreen TV
  • iCloud services integrated into your apps to store your purchased content and access from any of your devices
  • Check out a sneak peek of your favorite movies or television shows by searching the iTunes Store to your right, or click here to get Special priced movie bundles on iTunes