October 27, 2019

Kids Movies : Disney John Carter Movie Review

John Carter is an accomplice knight who became his unmanageable self when his uncle died. Even when he wanted to stay away from fights and live peacefully with the fortune he inherited, he suddenly turned into an outrageous creature who was ready to battle with anyone. Circumstances and fate brought him to the red planet, and through his journey, he met the fiercest warriors who accompanied him all along.

In Mars, the low gravitational pull gave him the skill to leap, jump high, and soar extraordinarily without hurting himself. And this is what impressed everyone he met, including the daughter (Dejah Toris) of the leader of an alliance. But when he was captivated, he learned that in Barsoom, two groups are at war. These were the Helium and Zodanga. He also heard that the Helium princess he met earlier was being persuaded to marry the Zodangan leader so that they could create a war-free alliance. But the feisty Dejah Toris doesn’t like the idea.

These are just some of the many interesting scenarios, so you still have a lot to discover. The question here is would John Carter be willing to take a side on the battle, when he just wants to get back to the Earth? With him finding himself falling in love with the princess, what about the things he still wanted to accomplish?

The epic production, the great performances of the actors, and the best technical effects- with the combination of three, John Carter has been one of the major events in the film industry. This movie has been an eye-candy for the kids, yet it was released on a PG-13 rating, so the themes and spectacles are just limited. But if you are curious and your imaginations might just eat you, go ahead and buy the movie now.