October 30, 2019

Netflix Movies Subscription Review – Pros and Cons

Netflix enjoys the privilege of being the world’s leading internet streaming subscription service. It has been ranked the number one eCommerce organization in 2010 for customer satisfaction by the American Customer Satisfaction Index. It has also enjoyed a lot of attention from ForeSee Results, Nielsen Online, the National Retail Federation, and Time and Fast Company magazines.

But the real proof is in Netflix customers themselves. More than 90% say they are extremely satisfied with their streaming selection. 70% of Netflix subscribers have joined because of recommendations from friends and family.

Still not convinced? Enjoy their entire library for free for a no obligation one-month trial. You can begin watching instantly if you have a PC or MAC; if you wish to watch Netflix movies or TV shows on your television set, it may require a bit of set-up. However, they literally support over 800 devices, including internet-connected blu-ray players, HD televisions, gaming consoles, mobile devices, and other devices like Roku, TIVO or Apple TV to get you set up at home. Please note that while you can stream on unlimited multiple devices, simultaneous streams will be dependent on your current plan.*

For the largest selection of television shows and Netflix movies, having a subscription to both the streaming service and the DVD mailing service is the best way to have an unprecedented selection of titles available. The DVD mailing service is an additional $7.99 per month.


  • MyList feature
  • Browse feature enables search by various categories such as new releases, various genres, top 100 rated movies, or critics’ choice.  Check out our article on 5 Sci-Fi Shows Worth Streaming on Netflix
  • Ability to customize your choices via recommendations tailored to your individual taste
  • Ratings on more than five billion Netflix movies from viewers
  • Global parental control settings on account – Hulu Plus and Amazon Prime have no parental controls
  • Able to put account on hold (with no billing) up to 12 weeks


  • As is common in streaming technology, movies occasionally can experience minor hangup problems during peak bandwidth usage windows.  Higher bandwidth (3 Mbps & up) internet subscriptions are highly recommended to deal with peak internet traffic.
  • May have to wait longer for new releases than with pay-per-view model for some movies
  • Fewer entire season television offerings than Hulu, but Netflix is quickly and aggressively expanding their streaming selection library
  • You still pay the monthly subscription rate even if you don’t stream anything, unless you actively put your account on hold
  • Parental controls are global, and history isn’t deleted.  Children may be exposed to more mature content if a parent changes the global settings to watch content.  There are no individual PIN numbers or accounts as of yet.

Netflix At-a-Glance

  • The Netflix movies selection is excellent, especially in major motion picture movie offerings, compared to other monthly subscription services.
  • Instantly watch as many movies as you want
  • Unlimited streaming of thousands of titles 24/7 to your PC, MAC and/or television, game console device (PS3, Wii, Xbox), Tivo or Roku, or mobile device; register multiple Netflix devices for flexibility in streaming options
    No contracts required
  • Ability to put account on hold up to 3 months with no billing
  • TV episodes & movies from Netflix – now instantly to your TV! Free trial
  • Easy website to browse, with filters to apply so that you can easily narrow your search and find what you are looking for
  • DVD mailing subscription available in the U.S. for people who wish to continue watching through that technology
  • Parental Control settings for the safety of your children
  • Low monthly subscription rate of $7.99 per month