November 21, 2019

NetFlix Vs. Hulu Comparison : Which One is the For Streaming Movies & TV shows

NetFlix Vs. Hulu Quick Comparison

Certainly, the two most recognizable household stream service names today are Netflix and Hulu.  Both offer great value for the same price.  However, there are some fundamental differences between the two that could possibly affect your overall experience.  With a little bit of digging, you can make the best choice for you depending on your specific preferences.

The Similarities


  •  $7.99 per month includes unlimited access to entire library
  • One-month free trial, no obligation
  • Large selection of supported devices
  • No contract required
  • Cancel any time, or put your account on hold (to stop billing) for up to three months

  •  $7.99 a month unlimited viewing of Hulu’s movie and television library
  • One week trial; students who sign up with their .edu email account get one month free trial
  • Large selection of supported devices
  • Cancel any time, or put your account on hold with no billing up to three months
  • 1-week Trial. Watch TV Now.

The Differences


  • Movie selection and genre selections tends to be stronger than Hulu’s offerings
  • Still offers a CD mailing subscription separate from their streaming services plans
  • No advertising
  • Genres are expansive, and include sub-genres like workouts, music lessons, karaoke, music & musicals and much more, making Netflix more of an overall entertainment hub
  • Does not have news offerings, live events or specials generally

  • Gold standard in Television offerings, which are quite expansive, including more available seasons than Netflix
  • Users also get access to the free platform to watch brand new programming the day after it plays on networks
  • Fewer premium movies
  • Some IE-TV and Wii currently not available
  • Platform is still ad-supported, even with premium subscription
  • Genres are more limited, but include news (Today Show, NBC Nightly News, Fox News Specials)
  • Includes live events & specials when available

Bottom Line It

When you select a content provider, it’s important that you choose the one with the most overall selection that appeals to you.  We help you determine your best fit by giving you an easy snapshot to compare your options.  Top stream service providers would definitely be Netflix because of their sheer number of movie and television offerings, and Hulu because of the impressive library of television episodes.

Both providers offer a large selection of supported devices – more than other providers including iTunes, Amazon, and Vudu.  However, Netflix wins hands down with over 800 supported devices.  You literally can stream Netflix anywhere you have access to the internet.

Netflix has many of the television series that Hulu has, but often not current season content.  However, Hulu wins when it comes to have multiple seasons of your favorite programming, from the beginning season to current seasons.

One of the deciding factors for parents, however, is the fact that only Netflix has parental controls.  Hulu has none, and young children can easily be exposed to very inappropriate content.  If you opt for Hulu, you will want to make sure your children don’t have access to it without your direct supervision.  Many parents say that they could even improve on their parental controls, and our view is that if they addressed any deficiencies, they would have a serious advantage over their competition.

As a side note, Amazon Prime does not offer any parental controls either.  Vudu and iTunes have very good parental controls if you wish to allow your children to rent movies.