October 28, 2019

Puss in Boots : Make Children’s Suspense and Excitement Increase

Puss in Boots is a movie based on one of Shrek’s characters, Puss, who goes through a whole new adventure with a ton of fairytale characters included such as Humpty Dumpty, and Jack and Jill. Teaming up with Kitty and Humpty, Puss steals magic beans from Jack and Jill in order to go up the giant’s house and steal the Goose’s golden eggs. But what Puss doesn’t know is that both his ‘friends’, plus Jack and Jill, were in another plan to get Puss into jail for revenge.

With comedy, adventure and romance put together, it would be a great movie to watch with the whole family. Not only would children enjoy it, but parents would as well. With funny and adorable cats as the main characters of the movie, a lot of people would enjoy watching them fight against their enemies and watch the cats dance together.

The story was great, it would make children’s suspense and excitement increase, and like most fairytales, would have a happy ending and a lesson learned at the end. Humpty learns to do the best thing for others; Puss turns into a role model as he tries to do what’s right, while Kitty would be dubbed as a brave character that would look out for others. Your child will be able to learn from the plot and from the characters that no matter what bad thing you’ve done, you’ll be able to turn it back to the right way. The characters were great role models that children can look up to.

Both 3D and 2D versions of the movie are great and would be an enjoyable watch for children and adults alike. Dreamworks has done it again and created a great children’s fairytale derived from different fairytales and another happy ending with a lot of things to learn about.