October 29, 2019

The Secret World of Arrietty : A Wonderful Animated Film For Kids

Arrietty, a 14-year-old girl who is only just a few inches tall, lives secretly with her family (the Borrowers) on the floors and walls of a home in the countryside. She and her family would just hide from the view, and the only exception is when they need to borrow food and other supplies from this home. Eventually, a boy who was just her age named Shawn came up to stay in this home and live with his aunt (the homeowner) and her housekeeper, because his mother was just too busy and cannot take care of him and his heart problem. He suddenly discovered Arrietty and other mini people in just a glimpse on one night.

While Arrietty was getting hesitant with the two of them becoming friends, she suddenly realized that it won’t bring them any danger. So they talked, and bonded, and played as if Arrietty was just a normal person. But Arrietty’s family was still full of doubt because when their friendship was discovered, it could be a reason why they should move and stay away from their so-called “home”.

The story of this animated film is admirable and interesting. This is a sensitive and heartwarming movie, and you won’t need to cover your ears or the use of earphones because there are no loud sounds and crashes in this film. It was made quite and heartfelt, that even the voices of the characters convey what a person could really feel. Though it is a magical movie, it has these positive messages that when applied in real life, could bring a gentle effect on our natural world. A wonderful animated film indeed, The Secret World of Arrietty has proved that it has an edge over other films because it not addressed just for a young audience but can be appropriate for the adults as well.